Choosing a Gate for Your New Vinyl Fencing

You've spent a lot of time deciding what type of fencing to install, and you've landed on vinyl! Vinyl fencing is popular for its beauty, low maintenance costs and wind resistance, and it's easy to keep clean, too!

Your fence contractor can help you choose fencing that matches your home, and once you've settled on a style, you'll need to consider your gate.

Choosing the Right Gate

Your vinyl fencing isn't complete without a gate, and you'll want to find the right combination of features to meet your needs. Here's what to keep in mind when making your selection.

  1. One or two? Gates come in single and double formats. If you are mainly using your gate as a pass-through for people and a push lawnmower, a single gate will meet your needs nicely. But if you've got bigger items that need to pass through (riding lawnmowers, four-wheelers, a boat on a trailer?), then you'll want a double gate to accommodate those items with plenty of room to navigate. Your fence contractor has plenty of experience helping homeowners find a gate that fits their specific situation.
  2. Steel reinforced or steel frame? As with any style of gate, strength is an important consideration. Steel frame gates keep their shape, and you won't need to worry about warping or other issues. If you need an even stronger gate, however, a steel reinforced option is good for tougher use. A steel bar positioned diagonally across the gate helps resist sagging.

Choosing the right gate is every bit as important as choosing the right vinyl fencing. Your fence contractor can help you decide on a gate that's best for your home, both now and in the years to come. Contact us at Treasure Valley Fence to get started today!