First Steps to a Successful Vinyl Fence Project

Vinyl fence planning

There's plenty to consider before building a vinyl fence on or around your property. Do you need to call a surveyor, or are there other ways to confirm your property lines? What kind of options are there for gates? Should you do the job yourself or seek out help from a professional vinyl fence contractor?

First Things First

No matter what type of fence you decide to install, it's well worth your time to do some careful research and planning before digging that first shovelful of dirt. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure you're happy with your vinyl fence project.

  1. Know the rules. City ordinances, building codes and homeowners association regulations may have a bearing on everything from the type of fence you choose to how high it can be. Check with your local officials before beginning your project to avoid costly do-overs.

  2. Locate your property lines. You may think you know the boundaries of your property, but your information may be outdated or inaccurate. Check property markers and official documents before beginning your fence installation.

  3. Talk to your neighbors. Your neighbor will want to know about your plans to install a vinyl fence, and they may even offer to share the cost with you.

  4. Choose the right vinyl fence contractor. Even the best vinyl fence on the market won't serve your needs if it's installed by an incompetent contractor. An established professional vinyl fence contractor will stand behind their product and their work. To make sure your contractor is among the best in the business, check online reviews, ask to see examples of their work, and request an estimate before moving forward.

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