Get Ready for Fall Cleanup

Fall Clean Up tips

Ah, fall. Crisp mornings, changing leaves, pumpkin spice. But in addition to getting cozy on the couch, autumn also means it’s time to clean up the garden before winter. We’ve got some tips to help you prep for fall cleanup in your yard so you can have a plan of attack…followed by a nap.

Put the Garden to Bed

You might have some fall veggies planted, but if not, now’s a great time to get it cleaned out. Pull out any remaining plants and debris, then till the soil. Add compost for extra benefits when you plant next spring.

Plant Now

Since you’re putting the garden away, you can also prep for next year’s colors by planting bulbs, shrubs, and fall annuals.

Rake and Cleanup Debris

In addition to raking fallen leaves, take the time to pick up any leftover debris such as twigs or fallen foliage around bushes and flowerbeds.

Trim the Trees (and Bushes)

While you’re working on cleanup, trim back branches and bushes, particularly branches that could cause issues with winter weather. Pay special attention to areas near power lines, the roof, and the patio.

Check the Gutters

Your gutters need some TLC before the weather gets wild. Clean them out completely – there will be a summer’s worth of debris, plus the falling leaves that find their way in.

Give the Lawn Some Love

Aerating, feeding, and a final mow are essential to your lawn’s health over the winter. You can mulch with the grass instead of bagging it, but give it some nutrients before it gets too cold.

Prep Your Plants

Any plants, shrubs, or beds that could be damaged by winter weather should get some attention to ensure they have protection.

Take Care of Any Damage

If you have issues with your patio or fence, take care of them now, as they could worsen over the winter.

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