How Much is Vinyl Fencing?

True cost of vinyl fence vs wood fence

Many homeowners looking for new fencing opt for vinyl, and it’s easy to see why. Vinyl fencing offers wind resistance and longevity, plus it's very low maintenance.

When it comes to shopping for vinyl fencing, the question of “how much” is usually the most important one. The fact of the matter is, it’s highly variable and depends on a number of factors. This article will give you the breakdown of some of the elements that affect cost so that you know what to expect.

Vinyl Vs. Wood

You’ll learn early on in your quest for new fencing that vinyl tends to cost more up front. However, the overall cost of ownership tends to be lower for a number of reasons. For instance, the ‘low-maintenance’ aspect we mentioned above includes not having to stain or paint the fence. Some homeowners with wood fencing find that they have to stain or paint once or twice a year to keep it looking fresh. Stain and paint – especially if the fence covers a large area – can be spendy.

Cost of Materials

If you’re simply looking for the pricing of fencing, you’ll find that it varies depending on the height and quality of the materials. National estimates run from $15-20 per linear foot for smaller fences and $20-$30 per linear foot for privacy fences.

Then there can be additional costs for rails, posts, and gates, so keep that in mind as well. And, if you want decorative elements, textured finishes, or anything additional, that will add to the total cost beyond the basic fencing prices.

Cost of Labor

While some homeowners opt to install vinyl fencing themselves, most hire a professional for this job. It’s easy to get a quote from any contractor based on the size of your yard, but there can be additional fees as well.

Labor costs are usually based on materials and hourly labor costs. Additionally, there can be fees for setup, equipment delivery, cleanup, or inspections. You can ask for a breakdown of the costs from your contractor.

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