Safe Snow Removal Tips to Avoid Injury This Winter

Winter show shoveling tips

While Boise may not experience another snowpocalypse anytime soon (we certainly hope not!), some snowfall is still inevitable as winter begins to settle into the Treasure Valley. Some careful planning before the snow starts to fall is the best way to be prepared.

Here are a few suggestions to make snow and ice removal around your home and business a little safer and easier this winter.

Shovel Safely

If you're planning on attacking your snow-covered driveway and sidewalks with a shovel, there are a few safety precautions to always keep in mind. You'll avoid injury when you play it safe and approach the task with caution.

  • Stretch cold muscles ahead of the job. Shoveling snow will strain muscles you may not have used in a while.
  • Take frequent breaks. While it may be important to clear your sidewalks and driveways as soon as possible, you won't help anyone by overdoing it and ending up with an injury.
  • Dress for the weather. Shoveling snow can be hot work. Dress in layers that you can peel off as you begin to warm up.
  • Use the right tools. An ergonomically designed snow shovel can help prevent injury. Don't wait for the next storm to pick one up—local suppliers can run out quickly when the weather turns bad.
  • Lift with care. Take small slices of snow instead of trying to lift large shovelfuls. Switch hands frequently, lift with your legs, and keep the blade close to your body to prevent back injury.

Call the Professionals

You don't have to deal with this winter's snow and ice removal on your own. Henry's Construction is equipped for snow removal services for driveways, sidewalks, small streets, and business parking lots. Contact us now for a free estimate before the snow starts falling!